Why choose Buckeye Custom Van Builders for your van conversion?

At Buckeye Custom Van Builders, we strive to guide our clients through the intimidating and confusing process of turning van life into a reality. From advice on the best size and type of van for your van life dreams to the most functional layouts and components, we view designing and building vans as a collaborative effort between our team and you. Our consultative process, focus and customer satisfaction, and warranty set us apart from the rest.

Our Process

  • What kind of van do I need?

If you already have a van, then you are ahead of the game; you can skip to step two! But if you are puzzled about what size and style of van to purchase, no worries. We will spend some time during our consultation call walking you through the options. It can be confusing and overwhelming! Relax, we are here to help!

  • I have the van…now what?

During our consultation, we will go through each camper system and discuss the pros and cons of available options. We will discuss electrical and solar systems; propane; heating and cooking systems; water, food and storage; toilets; and beds. During this step, we will establish a budget for your build. Prospective clients who are considering van ownership are often curious about costs. My builds have ranged from $25,000 to over $50,000, depending on client needs.

  • D e s i g n

During the design phase, you get to sit back and relax; we’ll take it from here. We use your decisions to create a design, including a 3D mockup. You can expect a plan that includes pictures, a computerized 3D model, and a finalized budget so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be spending. This design is returned to you within 10 business days. Small changes can be made to the design as we finalize the look and placement of your components.

  • Building: the fun part!

Once we have captured your vision, the last and most exciting part of the process begins – the build. Most builds can be completed in 4-12 weeks. We know the importance of keeping our clients informed of the progress of their dream van. During the build, we include you in the process with frequent photos and videos of your build as well as the occasional video conference. As the build winds down, we will be in touch to decide how and when you’ll take possession of your dream van!

When you come to pick up your van we will spend a day with you, reviewing all the components, learning how to operate power systems, water holding tanks, and covering the warranty. We want you to feel comfortable with your van before you head out for your first adventure!

Although we will gladly convert Mercedes Sprinter vans and Ford Transit vans, we specialize in Ram Promaster conversions. We believe that the Promaster has a better mix of space and engine power than the Transit and is more budget friendly than the Sprinter.

Pictures of Custom Work